The "Scrivener Effect": now possible in iOS!

I’ve got the app on my iPad, I’ve gone through the quick tutorial, I’ve browsed the Forum to get answers to a few questions, and I CAN FEEL THE SCRIVENER EFFECT STARTING.

That’s what I call it when I dump a big Word file of notes, scene snippets, and unanswered questions into a Scrivener file and start organizing. I begin splitting the file into smaller bits, cutting and pasting, creating documents, assigning icons, importing more junk from Evernote, and generally just making sense of what had been an unholy mess before. Within ten minutes I am beginning to understand what I’ve got here. I can see the structure beginning to take shape. And I get absorbed in the process, to the point that creating additional material becomes easy. Scrivener lets me keep ALL THE STUFF in my mind at once by setting up the Binder to show just the level of detail I need at that moment. I can see everything, even while I’m writing, or I can hide the Binder when I’m ready to do so.

Scrivener changes how I relate to a big writing project. I’ve never experienced anything else quite like it. It worked well for me in Windows, and now it’s on my iPad! I am very excited about the possibilities ahead. Thanks, Lit and Latte!

And … unfortunately, there is no known cure for it. :cry: In order to alleviate the worst of the symptoms, you will have to do as young Kevin, the developer of Scriv does: adopt a diet of and
And join the SA, Scrivener Anonymous, and seek counselling therein.
Hope this helps, take care,

I’ve been a member of SA for years, and it’s helped me transform into a better person truly. Things I learned from SA:

  1. It’s okay to be angry at Microsoft. It’s just okay.
  2. It’s okay to not finish writing a story, or a novel, or screenplay. Learn to move on. Look to the future, and to your next scrivening. Even if it sucks.
  3. It’s okay to waste time on forums like these where people of all shapes and sizes, talk, laud and rant about Keith and his (imaginary) posse of Scrivener minions, wondering how he could have written the software without getting drunk off code.
  4. It’s okay to use Scapple to make fancy grocery lists, in lieu of plot lines and character maps. Food is more important than thinking, after all.
  5. It’s not a crime to be an artist. Even a crappy one. As long as you justify your existence and follow the ten-step SA program, your vanity will be appeased, I tell you. 'Twill be appeased.