The search window now longer updates to remove an entry if the text searched for is removed

In Scrivener 2, the search window showed all the documents where the search string was found. If you adjust the text in one of those documents such that the string no longer existed (by deleting the searched for word, for example), hitting enter again in the search window caused the search results to update. This was very useful as it created an easy way to visualise how many documents there were that still had the string I was looking for.

In Scrivener 3, this no longer happens. In order for the search results to be updated, I now have to remove the search string altogether and re-enter it again - in other words do a new search. This takes longer and requires more clicks.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a feature that’s just no longer there in Scrivener 3? I use this all the time so it would be great if that functionality were restored.

Much better yet would be if the search results updated live. If I wanted to remove all occurrences of a specific word, it would be great if the search results updated each time I remove a word so that when the last occurrence of that word was removed from a given document, the search results would immediately reflect one fewer document in the results. I would know I was done, and hadn’t missed a word, when the search results window was empty.


I don’t post here often so not sure what is normal. Should I expect a response from Literature&Latte to these forum posts or do I need to contact them directly if I want a response from them? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, cdmonline. The L&L staff do respond on these forums, but what with the launch and flood of posts, they’re not as fast as they are during more normal times. If you want to be sure to get a response from an L&L person, the best way is to email support. The support form and email addresses are here:

The direct email addresses are at the bottom.