The Split Vertically shortcut command [solved]

Hello all…

Complete newbie to Scrivener. Working my way through the tutorial. I’m using ActionsApp on my iPad, and am programming some of the shortcuts into it - to make things a bit quicker to use etc.

The “split [editor] vertically” shortcut has me confuzzled - and I must be missing something incredibly obvious.

[Scrivener downloaded/purchased through the App Store (version 2.4.1 (22949)].

“No Split” = Cmd+’
“Split Horizontally” = Opt+Cmd+= [That works fine now - after having disabled the auto-zoom under Accessibility]
“Split Vertically” = Cmd+" I cannot get this one to work

If I opt-click the icon, all good. If I go through the menu, it works as well (obviously) - but simply hitting Cmd+" does nothing. And then it occurred to me that the [ ’ ] and [ " ] are on the same keyboard key… Which has me stuck. Stupidly.

I could go on and on about what I was thinking - and have tried - but figured someone would no doubt be able to provide a very succinct answer to what I am doing wrong - which will no doubt be followed by a huge face-palm my side, before a few words of sheepish “oh I see’s…”

How do you normally switch between ’ and "
Hint: the SHIFT key. :smiley:

So, another way of typing the shortcut would be Cmd-Shft-’ but that is simply another way of writing Cmd-"

Thanks for the reply nom! Fortunately, that’s one of the things that I tried - managed to work that one out myself! :slight_smile: [Just tried it again]. Unfortunately - it does not work. No effect. Nada. Zip. So now what?

Bumpity. Does this shortcut work for everyone else then, I assume? I checked for a system-wide shortcut that I might’ve added before, that could be interfering - but couldn’t find anything. Guess I will have a look again…

Yeah, I don’t think it is a common problem, because I haven’t heard anything about it. Another thing that comes to mind is keyboard language. Are you using a special keyboard?

Never hurts to state the obvious (I’ve been teaching long enough to know the obvious isn’t always). But since you’ve tried it without effect (it works well for me) I’ll have to leave you with the tech boffins.

Thanks Nom - and no worries - (my lack of trying the) obvious has caught me out plenty of times! :slight_smile: It must be a system-wide shortcut clash my side - not that I have been able to find it thus far, but then again, in the esteemed opinion of my wife - I’m not particularly good at finding things (or directions) either! Will have a good look, and then mail Support if I’m still not finding anything. It’s no biggie, since obviously the alternatives still work - but it’s now becoming one of those annoying little things that will pick at me until I sort it out…

In the interests of closing this little loop…

I eventually re-mapped the shortcut key, using OSX’s Keyboard Shortcuts menu to Ctrl+Shift+’ …
That’s working now.

I’m still at a loss as to why it wouldn’t before. I cannot find any shortcut clashes with the existing Cmd+" | Shift+Cmd+", but so be it. It’s working now - so I can move on with my life… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Amber - apologies, missed yours earlier.

“US” under Inputs, that the same as “keyboard language”?. I’m using a standard Apple wireless keyboard - and when checking things out on the keyboard viewer, it corresponds with the keys on my keyboard… So, who knows?

[How many keyboards was that? :slight_smile: ]