The Swedes seem to have invaded my menus

I’m trying out the latest beta (build 14996), and have noticed some thing odd, which may have nothing to do with the beta: the last two options in my contextual menu seems to be ins Swedish. I’ve attached a capture of that shows what I’m talking about.

I get this when right-clicking in the blank space below my text in Scrivenings mode. I’ve also got another editor (vertical split) in Scrivenings mode on another set of files.

I’m half-convinced this is just a matter of my Language settings somewhere, but I can’t figure out what setting is at fault if that’s the case.
Contextual Menu oddness.png

The last items in contextual menus are added by OS X from your Services, so this has nothing to do with Scrivener. It looks like you have a program installed that provides some services, and which uses a different language.

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I think that may be Danish, not Swedish. The first item means something like ‘Tag the selected image’, and the second ‘Import image’. (Disclaimer: I don’t speak either language. I’m figuring it out by comparison with Norwegian.)

It’s probably a Lion bug. After I upgraded I had a period when occasionally I got dialogue boxes (in various applications, including Finder) in French, German or Italian. Made life a little more colourful. They seem to have gone away in 10.7.1, but I half hope they may come back. In some ways I miss them. But perhaps that is because I have some vague knowledge of those languages – if they were in Chinese or Korean I would probably be more alarmed …

Cheers, Martin.

Thanks for the help. Knowing it wasn’t a Scrivener issue, I started broadening my search again, and decided to look more closely at my Language settings. Under the System Preferences app, I looked at “Language & Text”, and found a list of languages, and the instructions to “Drag languages into the order your prefer”. I chose to edit the list, and just deleted all the languages that I don’t know (all of them except english).

When I re-launched text edit, where the issue was also showing, the services listed there were now in English. And re-launching Scrivener also puts them back into English. Since it’s not a Lion bug (still using the latest Snow Leopard), and since English was always at the top of my Languages list, I have no idea why the menu items were in Swedish/Danish.

For the curious, the last two items in the image above are:
Import Image
Capture Selection from Screen