The terrible consequences of hanging out here.

No I am not divorced, the daughditor has not run off with a beatnik hippy writer, but I have started to become the “proofreader” here at the office. If you ask vic-k he will tell you just how comical this fact is.

So thank you scriverati for ruining my image as a complete redneck. My reputation is completely shot.

You cant have a proof reader whos optic nerves transmit only 26% of the data to his brain, and the remaining 74% to his olfactory receptors, instead. Also, a propensity for seeing only what one wants to see, doesn`t help.

Uh I think you are forgetting something. Look →

where is that 26% going? where is the other 74% going?

Ydont reallyrealyreally want me to answer that, dy? :open_mouth:


Your “image” will never be ruined. Lets walk down memory lane

Family member at a “pig pickin”

Family Wedding Ride

Your 16th Birthday

Or those fond memories of your first Car security system

:slight_smile: … re=related

I was thinking more along the lines of this…

Yep! I`ll buy that.