The timelines

I love Scrivener’s tools for visualizing the structure of a story in terms of chapters and scenes. However, an equally useful way to understand a story is in terms of chronology in actual time. For complex stories with multiple narrative threads, I still find myself sketching out timelines using various other tools.

With that said, I’d like to throw out the idea of integrating timeline support into Scrivener. Every document could have a timestamp or a time range in its metadata. In addition to the scrivenings/corkboard/outliner views, there could be a fourth view for timelines that would lay out notecards in a calendar view. Multiple timelines could appear in parallel, filtered by tags, labels, etc. This would allow users to visualize how multiple narrative threads interact in time. Just an idea.

Have you looked at Aeon Timeline, which does exactly this and is also able to read/write Scrivener projects…

In February 2015, KB wrote in another thread proposing a timeline component:

His blog post was written in 2010, before the release of Scrivener 2. However, I would imagine that he would write the same today.


I would indeed. Scrivener’s threaded label view is the closest Scrivener will get to a timeline - but mighty useful it is all the same.