The ultimate writing machine?


they provide angle to the keyboard and prevent the sucker from sliding all over.

I like to think of that as the ultimate in guaranteed repairs. All that stress on the hinge…

I was really disappointed with the picture above. Nothing, and I mean nothing, turns me off a computer more than having the connection ports on the side where the cables wil be highly visible and get in the way of your hands, screens or anyhting else you might concievably want to put next to your laptop.


Also I second Jaysen’s “feet on monitor = stress issues on hinge” point. If they really are feet, that would mean the laptop would only be stable and wobble free with screen open at a specific angle, I would imagine?

FYI: I do not have advanced info. I do not have access to this particular device. I do have NDA on some devices that are similar.

That said, if the “feet” are domed “buttons” then the amount of open is not a factor for stability. What IS a factor is once you wear the POS hinge out a little the screen likes to close on you. As to the side ports, these devices are designed for 2 modes:

  1. Open and alone.
  2. Closed and like a workstation. I woefully underpowered workstation.

Just like the macbooks, get a big monitor, close the lid and hide the device.

Maybe you have to put the notebook in a vertical position when connected to the external unit. I can’t imagine why however.

BTW: What means POS

There’s no room for a hinge and ports on the back of such a thin computer. They have to go on the side. As for the back being a better place… I’m torn. on the one hand, if I’m planted in one place for a while, and want to have cables plugged in, the back would be nice. On the other hand, if I just have to plug something in temporarily, the the side is much more convenient and visible.

Markio: POS is office-speak for Piece Of Sh*t. Other handy initialisms/acronyms for the soft-language-only office include “FUBAR”, “WTF”/“Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” and “CYA”. Definitions for these and more can be found easily on the internet. (Though POS might lead you to “Point of Sale”).

And of course, anyone who has ever Done Time in front of a register or similar machine will immediately confirm that “Point of Sale” is really just another euphemism.

Eh, the IBM ps2 that we used as a cash register/inventory tracker wasn’t that bad, but the annual bombardment of Christmas music makes me twitch even now, two decades later. It should be against the law to blast the same two-hour playlist of cheery holiday music starting in October and not have it change back to innocuous “oldies” Muzak until early January. When I dream of Christmas now, it’s not a white one-- I’ll say that much, and leave the horrible details to your imagination.

Ah ok, English is not my native tongue (Google lead me to Point of sale)


You are not alone. I struggle with english all the time. The difference between us though is that you have a legitimate reason to be confused. I, on the other hand, am just an idiot.

My apologies for forgetting that other may not have understood the meaning being POS.

Markio, Mr Jaysen is an American. English isn’t his native tongue either.

I never said it was.

Mr Jaysen, niether did I.

Does that mean we are in violent agreement?

So it is, with cats, and if it isn’t that, it is a war of apathy.

Young Master Jaysen,
I’m afraid not. I abhor violence of all kinds.
A violent agreement scenario, I suspect, would be akin to your good lady wife fetching you severe clouts about the ear holes, with a cast iron skillet pan, whilst admonishing you to radically adjust and amend your behaviour patterns, with words of inducement, such as:
…“You !$!/&%!! stupid &^$$!! !! If you do that again, I’ll cut off your !%$*!! %&$!!. Are we talking the same !+!%ing language!!?”

Whereas, young Master Jaysen, what transpired twixt you and I, was nought but the acknowledgment of simple truths, between a sentient being, my good self, a cat, and a non-sentient being, you, a human male.
Take care

A cat that abhors violence? I’ll believe that when I see it.

Lyin’ bitch!! :open_mouth: