The version update process

I have just updated my Scrivener to and it wasn’t easy. There’s a mixture of things going on.

When I do the install it downloads the file and then sits there doing nothing. I eventually realised that the missing step is an authorisation by the Sys Admin account. (That’s actually me again, but I like to keep Sys Admin separate from day to day use.) So I logged off and back in again as Sys Admin. Now the update worked OK, after I had authorised it.

Then I went back to my user login. I have a little Scrivener icon on my taskbar and, once the update is over, this icon still pointed to (and started) the old version. (I looked at the ‘about Scriv’ pulldown under Help.) I had to delete the taskbar icon, start the program from ‘All programs’ in the Start button, and move a fresh icon down into the taskbar.

Also, somewhere in there, I found myself re-registering the software. SO that means two users on this one machine have been registered for Scrivener even though pone of them is just a SysAdmin who never uses the program.

That seems a long way of going about things. Maybe it’s my set up but I don’t have this problem with updates to other software.

The update process seems a little, uhm, arcane.

I’m sorry you had some difficulties. This isn’t the usual update experience. The 1.6.1 update did make some changes to the registration and activation information that necessitated re-activating, and for some users this also required re-entering the licence information, for which we apologise. Future updates, like those prior to 1.6.1, should retain all the registration and activation information, so you will not need to redo this again. That said, it sounds more like your trouble wasn’t this but that you registered from a different account? You get multiple registrations and activations that will refresh every few months, so it’s unlikely to affect you, but you can deactivate Scrivener from that account if you wish; just start the program and open a project, then choose Help > Deactivate Scrivener.

The rest of the process you listed sounds specific to your UAC settings and potentially a problem of having multiple installations. Updating Scrivener via the auto-update process must be done from the same account that installed the program, and obviously needs to have permissions to write to the installation location. If you installed from an administrator account but work from a standard account, you need to run Scrivener from that admin account in order to install the update. Typically you can do this just by running Scrivener as administrator, e.g. right-click the icon and choose Run As Administrator, then pick the account and enter the password. Depending on your UAC settings, this might not be possible and you may have to actually log out and log back in, but this isn’t something Scrivener determines, of course, it’s just however you have Windows set up.

The desktop shortcuts again aren’t controlled by Scrivener, and your experience here isn’t typical. A shortcut points to a specific path, and if you have installed Scrivener and then updated it at that same path, the shortcut will continue to work. It sounds as though your update went to a different location, given that you obviously still had the old version installed. You may have already taken care of this, but I’d take a look on your computer to find the two separate installations and remove one of them. If Scrivener is installed in a centrally accessible location, e.g. Program Files, then all the accounts on your machine can use it; you don’t need separate installations per account.

Thanks, that is helpful advice. :slight_smile: