The VERY far off future of Scrivener?

I’m going to say, first off, that what I envision may never ever happen. Because you might already guess what I’m about to say. Then again, you may have already scanned ahead. Fine either way.

Scrivener moves itself into the “cloud”. It would obviously require a near-infinite number of details (compilation being a most profound notion here) to make in a successful manner. Also Literature and Latte would have to have the infrastructure to make it happen–massive server spaces, user accounts, encryption wazoo. And what of prying eyes from “Big Brother” etc.? :open_mouth:

Personally, this is not my wish list. In fact, this is my anti-wish-list, because there is something wonderful about having the software on “my machine” wherever in the world I am and go. And when I’m not with my Machine, oh well–don’t need it. And with the future ‘ipad’ version coming, some people will never be without it anyway.

But think of going to any web-connected computer or device, logging in, and voila–all your .scriv files there. The interface and binder all opens in the browser. Full-screen-distraction free-mode? Yep, got that just like it would be on the desktop. And on and on–any feature you can imagine having or already have–just, bam, right there. It sounds great in theory, and in a quantum-computing-future, maybe it would be acceptable, if not (to some) preferable, in practice.

I think the privacy issues outweigh most other concerns. I’m curious what other users think about this idea. Please mind that this is purely speculative on my part, and in no way meant to actually suggest work on such a project to the team! I really love the software. This is more of a pot-stirring joke. But take it as you will. :laughing:

Stick with the current scenario.

I’m in OZ where there are many, MANY GSM black spots. I want to be able to write my next novel or screenplay sitting beside a remote beach (we have thousands of those) with no phone/internet access, using my iPad (or MacBook?). Have Dropbox installed so when I return to what approximates civilization it’s synced and I can take up on my MBPro or desktop.

Just keep doing what you’re doing team!

Since Lit&Lat — Keith coding for Mac, LAP and Tiho_D coding for Windows, with LAP porting the Windows version to Linux which ain’t happened for a long time now as there seem to be more pressing concerns, and Tammy coding for iOS — is not Apple or Microsoft, leave alone Google it’s not going to happen. And if you trawl through the forum you’ll find that it’s been discounted.

And with the arrival of the iOS version and later the Android version, the current system will cover almost all the bases.


Mr X

What I see more likely is a paid subscription service where you can vault your Scriv files/sessions and have your Scriv instances sync with that vault.

That’s a more likely scenario, IMHO, because with cloud providers, you can easily automate a purchase front-end that creates the account and spins up the corresponding storage/VM instance on the cloud service of your choice/closest to the user – so you host very little infrastructure.

However, just because I see this as more likely, I don’t think it’s anywhere near actually likely.