The war between 'Move Focus to' and 'Binder Affects'

Hope this hasn’t been brought up before; I searched but didn’t find it…

It seems to be impossible to have keyboard shortcuts for both Move Focus to… (Left/Right Editor) and Binder Affects… (Left/Right Editor). I guess that’s because the commands use the same words. When I create a shortcut for Move Focus to (Left Editor), it conflicts with the one for Binder Affects (Left Editor). It works a couple of times per session, but inevitably the Move Focus to (Left Editor) shortcut just vanishes and I’m back to mousing.

Those two sets of commands are ones I use a lot. If it’s possible, I’d love to have shortcuts for both.

Thanks for your consideration.

(And thanks in general for Scrivener. After a year of so with it, I can’t imagine writing without it.)

You suspect correctly, the problem is the name of the menu being identical. The Mac just takes the first one it can find and if that changes I think it can mess things up for the session. Maybe the affects options could be renamed to “Left Editor Only” etc. We’ll have to see what Keith thinks about it.

Okay, I’ve added an “Only” to the end of the “Binder Affects” items for the next update.
All the best,

Thanks guys.

And there it is! Thanks again.