The warm and fuzzies about Scrivener

I thought I’d start another thread to spread the warm and fuzzies about Scrivener for Windows. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! for developing this version.

The reason for my gushing is that I sit here with a big fat smile on my lips and see THREE finished stories; my nano-novel of 60k, my former WIP and this WIP. Both of these are around 50k as well. Can you understand how (excuse the expletive!) f***ing productive I am with this program? And it’s only a beta!

When these stories end up on the NY Times bestseller lists, my agent and my mum will have to share dedications, and if the dedications are too cramped, I know which one won’t be cut. :smiley:

Woah - that’s very impressive. I don’t think we can take credit for it really, but thanks all the same!

Don’t knock yourselves. You help all of us with the workflows. In these nanotimes, it may get a little excessive at times, as some of us may be on high gear.

But credit where credit is due. Love it.

:smiley: Happy, happy to just be checking in hopes of finding that Scrivener was now available for Windows and find it is in Beta version! I have searched the Internet in the last year and downloaded programs I thought sounded similar to Scrivener (actually the very ones you show on the website - PageFour, yWriter) but wasn’t truly satisfied with them. Haven’t even finished the Tutorial but I’m sure I’ll love Scrivener as much as everyone else. Thank you, thank you.