The Way I Want My Completed File

First printing of a story I put into Scrivener(still in trial period), I will be looking today for the answer, but here’s the question. First printing went well, the story can be read, though there are issues with the file. At the bottom of the pages it says Proof Copy-Not for distribution, and at the top of the pages it has the title of the story(which I want removed) the page #, (which I want to keep) and a thingamagig (that I want removed) Off the top of my head, I can’t tell if it’s the file setting, or whatever it’s called, when I printed it, but I need, and want , the stuff at the top of the page , and the Proof Copy -not for distribution, REMOVED. anyone, lol. I will be trying to find the answer myself, and thanks for any answers, advice, red coals in a stove are usually hot.

Two possibilities that come to mind…

File > Compile > Page Settings (see Page Header/Footer fields)

Project > Meta-Data Settings > Project Properties