The Windows tutorial, step 17


As evidenced by the conversation in the above topic, I think the text in the windows version of the interactive tutorial needs to tweak the wording a little.

The text of step 17 instructs the reader to place their cursor at the end of the next paragraph and use the Split at Selection menu item. Nowhere does it seem to say that first you much select the Step 17 document in the binder. If you are viewing step 17 (and 18) in Scrivenings mode, then the act of split step 17 into two documents produces slightly different results. First, it may not put the title of the new document into focus, ready to accept keyboard input (can’t verify this at the moment; not at a Windows computer). Second, it may be confusing to someone new to Scrivener (as evidenced in the thread linked to above) that the text has been removed from the document, though it may not be super-common for someone to make that mistake if they have mastered the concept of Scrivenings mode.

In short, before it instructs the reader to split the document, it may be a good idea to have them select just that document in the binder, instead of having them stumble into Scrivenings mode.

And while I’m here; the Mac version of the tutorial doesn’t seem to have any text instructing the user to try out split and merge; it just explains the concept. Maybe it should?

Addendum: Even in Scriv for Mac, if you are viewing a document in Scrivenings mode, and you “split at selection”, the focus does not shift to the binder so you can edit the new document name.

Thanks, I’ll take a look at this in a few days as the tutorial is due for some revisions for 1.9. I believe what happened is that when that step was written that is how it worked, but how it worked at the time wasn’t the way it was supposed to work. Then it got fixed, so now the instructions look off. :slight_smile: