The Word Count Bar[BUG LOGGED]

This isn’t really a bug as much as something which is bugging but I personally find the animation on the Word Count bar (the “glowing” side to side action) a little annoying/distracting. I’d certainly rather have it as solid/unchanging colour.

This was a well documented bug. It was fixed in beta 1.3. You can upgrade and the annoyance will stop :slight_smile:

Download link:

Hi Lee

Actually I am on 1.3 so unless perhaps I’ve not made myself clear?

It’s the wee green bar on the bottom right of the main window when you set a target for that particular document. As soon as I set it the green bar shows my progress (which is fine) but about ever two seconds or so there’s a little Knight Rider style effect. As I say, not a bug, i just find it distracting.

I’d have to agree with simonlogan that in 1.3 the pulsing is still there for me also. If it bugs me [rarely] I just turn it off by setting the goal to under what I’ve already written… this is with a win7 laptop. After the 1.3 upgrade, the pulsing was gone for a day or two, then returned. Not a biggie for me.

Okay, thanks. I’m going to have to re-work the way the control refreshes altogether as it appears to be distracting a few folks which is not ideal when you’re trying to focus on writing.