The wrong page numbers are displayed in my Scrivener table of contents

Hello together :slight_smile:

Do you know why the wrong page numbers are displayed instead of placeholders in my Scrivener table of contents?

II get that as a result after compiling the book for a PDF document.
Before compiling, there are only the placeholders <$p> instead of the page numbers.


Why does Scrivener (on Win 10) not use the correct page number, but always the number 2?

Same issue with me. I’ve never been able to make TOC page numbers work.

Also - this version requires the extremely cumbersome method of Copy Special / Past. I have many folders in my project, and have to do this for every one. And the format is terrible anyway, ie no indenting.

So I tried Exporting or Compiling to Word, but Styles aren’t preserved (only the formatting). So I’m stumped. Am I going to have to manually create a TOC? Looking forward to the new version, hoping this is fixed.

These should be in appropriate Technical Support forums. This forum is for giving other users tips, not asking for help.