Theme Change bug Scrivener 3.1

Changed the theme in Scrivener 3.1 from default to grey matter light, and the CMD window started spitting out a long list of errors. When closing the CMD window, Scrivener would close with it.

It doesn’t look like I can format or attach a text file here, so unfortunately you’ll have to look at the whole text dump, unless this forum takes spoiler tags.

EDIT: Took out CMD log dump, as it is uploaded in the reply, in a zip file.

Why would a program not install the fonts that it needs?

FWIW: I have a ton of extra fonts as it is, installed w-VS code etc.
And why does a theme change require a reboot?
After the massive error dump–scrivener does not restart on its own either, when changing theme again and clicking restart. If stays frozen until the CMD window is closed, and then it simply closes.

When you manually restart it; off goes CMD again, w-the template window now in new colors.
This time I got the errors uploaded.
Let’s just say I’m glad I have Scrivener 1.9; and chances are I won’t be trusting 3.1 with my manuscript anytime soon. (7.3 KB)

Also, how do I export theme files from 1.9? The themes in 3.1 are not to my liking at all; the 3 I have seen anyhow.

EDIT: I had the log turned on, so now the CMD window makes sense…