Themes with RC8

Is there some problem with RC8 where it won’t load any themes? Windows themes show “*.sctheme” for theme loading, and whenever I try to load it, regardless of theme (if it is not bundled), the theme says “Scrivener failed loading a theme. Cannot find the theme configuration file.”

I have tried 15 different themes and this occurs on each of them.

Sounds like your trying to load themes written for Mac Scriv, which aren’t compatible with Windows Scriv. :cry:

That’s what I thought but I wasn’t able to find confirmation about it anywhere. Kind of silly, actually, that the themes aren’t inter-compatible.

There are technical reasons in how the two operating systems store color information, from what I gather. Sure, you can limit themes to the web palette as a workaround, but for many people who have vision or other perception issues, that can be fairly limiting. One of the big strengths of the Mac platform is how deeply integrated color and font handling are with the core OS.

Well, that makes sense. I feel silly for not having thought through that kind of thing.

No need to feel silly! Every day is an opportunity to learn new things and grow, if we let it be. :slight_smile: