Themes without restarting, or at least a preview?

Minor UI feedback: Restarting Scrivener after changing the themes seems a bit…annoying. Is there a plan to change this in an upcoming release? If not, is it possible to have a preview image of what each theme looks like. Doesn’t have to be the novel I’m working on, just something that gives me an idea of what I will get.

Apologies if this question has been asked before.

Yeah, would be nice. That’s how it works on the Mac version, no need to restart.

Restart will be always needed. Adding a theme preview image is in our TODO list.

How about an “Exit and Restart” command on the File menu, so at least it’s a one-click operation?


File > “Exit and Restart” is not possible by design at the moment. Once Scrivener is unloaded, only a user can start the process, or another proxy process needs to be implemented for the job. “Exit and Restart” is not something you should need on daily bases. I understand the inconvenience, but have in mind that implementing the Themes was a very heavy task. I hope you can live with the inconvenience of restarting Scrivener, searching for your favorite theme until we add the thumbnails.