Hi - how do I change the theme of my Scapple from the default yellow and what themes are available if any?


This the one that I use: a very nice Solarised theme generously provided by another Scrivenista:

To make the settings your default for new documents, make sure to click the Set as Defaults button in the bottom of the Documents tab of the Inspector.


Dr Dog - I followed the instructions on that page, but am unable to open that file.
I tried Format → Note Style → Import Note Styles, but the file is greyed out.
And I tried just opening it but get

AmberV - where can I get the coffee mug and other styles featured by L&L?

I think they might have misunderstood you, since that link goes to a Scrivener theme. Scapple doesn’t have themes, it wouldn’t really work well with that idea since half of the appearance is saved into the document and the other half in preferences.

I don’t know mean by styles, but we sell coffee mugs here. :slight_smile:

I did. Sorry. I read all of the L&L forum `active topic’ posts on one page and didn’t notice the sub-forum.

I’m not sure that Scapple needs themes … does it?

Yeah, that’s why it doesn’t have them. It was something we tossed around back during the design phase, but it’s too much infrastructure for too little benefit (and I suspect most people just set things up the way they like, settling down on one look).

Thanks AmberV

This page shows several different styles of Scapple

(The coffee one being the binder one with the mug stain on it)

Aren’t those just background images?

They seem to show different styles of connectors / fonts / notes + a background image and I wondered if these came built into Scapple as what I would call a Theme ?

Unless I’m misunderstanding…

That coffee one isn’t a actually a theme (or even scapple) - that’s showing a diagram hand drawn on paper and then the corresponding Scapple implementation of the same thing. You can see that clearer when viewed at full size: … tal-lg.jpg