There should be a prize for this


I think that means Vic-k or I sent you a message. Even the system is telling you to “STAY AWAY!!!”

pardonne-moi, mon ami, 'twas, how you say … un cock oop! :blush:
Bonne Chance
[size=150]Le D[/size]

Indeed there is. You will receive it last week, last month for sure.


luv it!!luv it!!

It’s just a question of being to quick with the delete button. You have deleted the notification before it arrived.
Fast fingers…

OMG, I just stumbled over to the Headless 'n K side of the tracks. :open_mouth:

This gives me the metaphysical willies.

O boy. I can hardly wait!

You already did…

[size=150]A glass of Schrödinger, anybody?[/size] :confused:

The same cat, the next (or previous?) day. Emptying or filling the barrel?

OR … checking its reflection, and thinking, “Do I look peaky or perky?” :confused:

Cats have never followed the rules of physics. That was Schrödinger’s flaw.

[size=80](Or genius.)[/size]

… or any other rules (he said with a sigh, thinking of all the cats he had met over the years).

[size=150]Walker on water?
Water on walker?[/size]

A cool cat… or not.

(the IR-reader gives the temperature in Celcius, so it’s 207 Fahrenheit)


It all makes sense now. --gr

“Gr rrrrr --”