Thesauraus Link

Wondering if anyone has found a way to link a thesaurus (either offline or online) to Scrivener IOS with the equivalent of a right-click tap and submenu, or other shortcut.

If you select a word in the editor and scroll to Share… in the black contextual popup, you will have a list of applications to which that word can be exported, like Notes, Twitter, etc. It is not Scrivener’s but rather iOS’ feature, so all you have to do is find a thesaurus which supports it.

If I select a word and tap on it I get the contextual menu Cut-Copy-Select etc but also Define which give almost the same result as the right click on my Mac. Don’t you get that?

Note the little arrow >, pointing to the right.
On iPhone6s the menu looks like this:

Cut | Copy | Paste | Replace | > | BI U | Define | Speak | Share… | > | Unstyled Paste | Highlight | > |Comment | Footnote | Split |

Still, if your Dictionary/Thesaurus doesn’t support app to app communications (mine doesn’t) it will not show up in the list of available apps.

You don’t have to Share anything. Use the built in dictionary which you reach from [size=150]Define[/size].

He is not asking for dictionary, he is asking for Thesaurus.

+1. It would be nice if scrivener came with its own in house dictionary and thesaurus, or that we had the option to install one of our chosing from some repository.

I would guess that it would a massive undertaking. Even the Mac desktop version sends you to Apple Dictionary/Thesaurus–external application.
It would be lovely if Apple Dictionaries for iOS had an advanced Thesaurus tab, but before it happened, the good old copy/paste-into-your-third-party-thesaurus-of-choice should suffice.

Don’t have a DEFINE selection. I do have a LOOKUP choice but that will allow me to get to (among other choices) a dictionary, but not a thesaurus, so the question is does anyone now a good thesaurus online that might link up or recommend one I might download).

Thanks. For everyone’s comments.

I was just about to ask about this before reading the original post. Even if there’s no hope of a direct connection by selecting a term a la the dictionary function, can anybody recommend a good thesaurus app or website?

Chambers Thesaurus and Chambers Dictionary, though they’re basically UK English … I don’t know if they do US English versions.

Desktop versions are good too (on Mac at least) and are integrated into one UI along with WordWeb, though not with the Mac, so I’d imagine they’re available for Windows.



Best, easiest way I’ve found (at least with iPad Pro) is to use your voice. Say:
"Hey Siri, what’s a synonym for [word you’re searching for]? It brings up answers from a Wolfram dictionary.
True, you need to be online, but it’s a super-quick lookup. Sometimes the best shortcuts don’t involve keystrokes at all.

…Unless you’re working in an office, public place, airplane… Then the Siri solution isn’t really optimal.

So here’s another vote for thesaurus integration on iOS. Granted, this is as much an Apple request as it is a Scrivener request. …I’ll be trying a few tricks to see if a third-party app can do the trick without disrupting my workflow too much.

Until we have integration, I’m trying out Terminology , which I downloaded for a buck from the App Store yesterday. Haven’t had a chance to use it yet though.