Thesaurus - popup menu right click?

It would be fabulous to have a right-click popup Thesaurus, applied to any word being typed.

This would be similar to the “Word” feature, where a simple submenu within the rightclick immediately shows all thesaurus similar words.

This would be an immeasurably useful and wonderful feature! Please!

If memory serves, this question has been asked before and the answer was no. The developer would essentially have to code a thesaurus from scratch and while I’m no coder myself I have a better understanding than most what that would entail and believe me when I say it would be a very time consuming task and probably wouldn’t be within the scope of the project.

That being said that doesn’t mean you can’t have your cake and eat it too. There are three applications, all with similiar capabilities that are available which can be used in conjunction with almost any windows application.

The first and most popular, is WordWeb, another option would be TheSage and finally there’s the open-source option Artha.

Thankyou - understood.

Though, surely it is possible for a programmer to (so that encoding the whole is not nedeed) get the program to ask a Thesaurus website, in real time, the synonyms for the word where the cursor currently is (so double clicking to select is not needed), when the rightclick menu is opened on the word, then “fetch” those words from that thesaurus website, and then return those to the list in the submenu box. Coding within the program then wouldn’t be needed.

If you right click the word and select “Writing Tools” it will give you menu options to search a number of sites though it does so by opening the browser.

Here’s my suggestion concerning the thesaurus: Add a shortcut key for it.

Actually, I’ve implemented this on my system, using an app called Macro Express. I just type Ctl-Shift-T and it brings up the thesaurus right away.

You might say, “Big deal. It only takes three mouse clicks to get to it now,” but it’s nicer to be able to get there faster.

Depending on how you programmed this, there are some automatic tools that would let your users customize the toolbar buttons and shortcut keys.