Thesaurus support


I stumbled across what seems to be the wonderful world of Scrivener after being led here by learning about how EPUB works. I realise that the Windows version does not support EPUB yet, but that is not the subject of this post.

I’ve been working on a large manuscript for nearly two years now, and I just use Word, and good old index cards Blu-tak’d to the wall. I do a lot of writing out and about on my laptop, so something like Scrivener would allow me to take my wall of index cards with me.

However, I don’t use many features in Word other than basic formatting, spell check and its thesaurus. But it seems Scrivener lacks this function.

Granted it isn’t a game changer, and I think the advantages Scrivener offers outweigh the requirement to lug around a dead tree version of a thesaurus. But has the idea of introducing a digital thesaurus ever come up?

I have no idea about the Mac version, but I do like what I’ve seen so far!

Mac OS has a system wide dictionary and thesaurus. Select a word, hit Command-D, and the panel appears. It also provides access to Wikipedia articles. Looks like the best you can do on Windows is something called WordWeb.

I really like wordnet. It’s more of a word database than thesaurus, though.