How about a real thesaurus.

Or is there a way to hack or program a shortcut to work similar to Word.

I started off my book with Scrivener and it is great but as soon as I started editing, now I find myself using Word 100% of the time, due to the excellent thesaurus, where I can just fly along and look at multiple substitutions.

Now, editing, I only use Scrivener when I need to do a global search.

It is way tedious to use the Web Thesaurus function of Scrivener for me since the Word thesaurus function is about 10x faster and easier.

Literature and Latte do not have the resources of Microsoft to build a dictionary, let alone a thesaurus in Scrivener.


Mr X

WordNet isn’t a bad substitute for a thesaurus when you use the -synsr and -antsa flags

I’ve hacked WordNet and a couple of Android products to work with GoldenDict. It’s given me a pretty comprehensive desktop dictionary and thesaurus that works offline, which is the kicker for me.

Edit: I might try and port my hacks to OS X and run them as services.

I have a macro that brings up the web-based thesaurus every time I press Crtl-T.

I press Ctrl-T and it converts it to Alt-T W T. The thesaurus for the given word appears within one second.

@TromboneAI - nice one.