Thesis Structure - can I do this in Scrivener - or do I have to export to word?

Hi all,

I am just starting using Scriv to write up my doctoral thesis :open_mouth: - just wanted to check: Can Scrivener compile like Word’s ‘Master document’:

for example this is what I need to do… or will I need to export it back to Word?

Have consecutive page numbering through the whole thesis.

Have an overall table of contents

Have a table of contents for each chapter

Each chapter has paragraph numbering that is such 1.1, 1.11, etc in Chapter 1 up to 3.1 onwards untiil Chap 3

Each chapter has its own separate reference list -I have them in Endnote

Any ideas? I ve had a look and have been unable to be sure?

All best and many thanks
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I’ve only have a few years experience of Scrivener, and I have never attempted to try to do everything i Scrivener, but from what I know I think the answers to your two questions are ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’.

Yes, you could do all this in Scrivener, but my guess is that it would require quite a lot of your time to learn how to fix all the details of the final layout. And there would still be details you would have to fix in Word. So yes, you would still have to export to Word in the end, for the final adjustments. And fixing some of the layout stuff is probably quicker done in Word, if you have a reasonable knowledge of Word.

As for the reference lists, it depends on your knowledge about Endnote. Scrivener does not create reference lists.

Use Scrivener to write your thesis, but skip the layout for now and focus on the text. It is the logic of your text that will be examined in the end, not whether you have a perfect layout or not.

[size=85](my experience of thesis comes from having written one myself and having supervised a number of PhD students over the years)[/size]

Thanks for the help. I’m new with it.