Thief Thirty-nine

Hi all I am not sure if I ever did formally introduce myself the first time I showed up here, probably over a year ago now. I came, then I went, as did my will to write. I have now finally sat my ass back down in front of my work, and intend to push through till the end though.

It is hard, as will surprise no one here.

Still, I want to publish something and have at least one random stranger buy it and say they liked it.

So, what do I write?

I like all things fantasy and science fiction. My first book is a sci-fi detective story. So far it is around the 74K mark, give or take. I imagine, with my writing style, that I am about a third of the way through the book now.

My second will be something like a steam punk fantasy novel, and one of the main characters has already begun to take form in my head - he will be known as Thief Thirty-nine. Back when I first popped up the question was asked where did my alias come from, so I explained then too - I have taken his name for my alias here, and chose the number purely because 39 is one of my all-time favourite Queen songs.

So I am here, and wish to stay and converse, and pick up tips. And rave about Scrivener, without which writing was so much harder!

If I can work up the courage I will share some of the work with you, but for now just wanted to say hi.

Thanks all!

Until I got to the Queen reference, I figured you might be working on a prelude to Ali Baba.

Whatever the connection, welcome aboard.


Until you pointed that out I had never made the connection! No, nothing Arabian Nights about this story.