Things I love so far

  • The Scrivener main screen reminds me when files have changed so that I know to sync with Dropbox before switching devices. Seems trivial, but I’ve used lots of Dropbox-compatible apps over the years and you’d be surprised how many of them don’t bother to do this. Or maybe you wouldn’t…

  • Scrivener + iPad’s Split View. I know Scrivener can import research material and show it alongside another document, but I have lots of general reference materials that I don’t want to include in every project (way too much file bloat!). This morning I was using one of them in iBooks, side-by-side with my Scrivener project. Thanks so much for making Scrivener compatible with this (relatively new) feature!

I’m sure I’ll have more as I use the app in earnest, but I wanted to share :smiley:

Good subject. One of the things I love with the iOS version, except for the uncluttered, beautiful interface, it that it gives me more screen real estate of the important kind than the Mac version!

I’m talking about having ‘text overview’ - If I place my iPad Pro vertically, I can now see more text than on an A4! Awesome for rewriting!

For me it Maybe sounds a bit weird but I love that… It just works.

I ‘just’ have my Scrivener projects on the go. All my research. No more copying, exporting files,… It syncs very quick and reliably.
I love that it seems to have all the functions I need the most and it I am on a train and I open everything I am working on. Reading research, seeing the cork board, labels, all the document/folder icons intact (a small feature I didn’t think would make it and that I LOVE for visual overview).