Things I love


Things I love in the new Scrivener:

  1. Edit Scrivenings - Fantastic.
  2. The Binder as organiser/grouping outliner. ++++.
  3. Toggle Rulers Icon as customisation on the Toolbar
  4. The gazillion ways to merge and split documents
  5. Highlighted search results

And everything else I haven’t discovered yet.



Thank you. Posts like this certainly help keep up my morale as I plough through the numerous bugs that have already been discovered. :slight_smile:


Hi Maria! Yeah, it was so quiet for so long on this forum and now it’s going hot-and-heavy, isn’t it? Lots of noise from we Portlanders too. :slight_smile:

Boy, I’m just so impressed with Keith’s efforts. Not only is this program elegant, quite lovely to look at, highly intuitive and functional, it’s so well thought out. Very, very mindful in execution, and like a good screenplay or novel, there is no detail that doesn’t belong! Loving it!


Oops. Done.


Just wanted to add kudos for Snapshot – absolutely brilliant feature. Scrivener will be an integral part of my workflow, no doubt about it.