Thinnovation... (MacBook Air)

I really should create a hardware section to the forum, but hey…

I have to say that I love the look of the MacBook Air - and only 3 pounds in weight! I’ll probably wait until generation 2 before buying one, though (given my old problems with the first gen MacBook). Although I do wonder about adding stroke support for moving forwards and backwards between Scrivener documents etc.

I’m not 100% sure about anything without an optical drive. It’s not as if you can get wireless just anywhere (at least not in England). And sometimes I’ll want to back up to DVD or CD. Also, there seems to be a lot of space around the screen and keyboard - could they not have made it narrower? I was really hoping for another 12"… Then again, wide screens are nice, and at that thin and light… Hmm.


Talk about Geek Porn. I have a serious case of lust.

I wouldn’t worry about the wireless too much as long as I can tether my Blackberry I would be good (can’t do it with my current BB though).

My biggest concern would be life-expectancy. My current PowerBook is now over three years old and still going well. The first notebook I’ve ever owned that lasted longer than 24 months (and that includes a couple of IBM ThinkPads). My computer is in use 10 to 16 hours a day, and I’m not sure that pretty little thing would be up to that.

I’m still scrounging under the sofa cushions for $1,799 worth of change though!


It does look pretty cool, but I’m also leery of anything without an optical drive. I’m not a big fan of wireless, and I’d rather be able to pop in a CD/DVD than have to set up another computer to install something for me. The extra size and weight of a normal MB isn’t a big deal for me, certainly not a big enough deal to sacrifice an optical drive, Ethernet, more than one USB port (essential for me) and FireWire for.

It’s a neat machine but not worthy of a sidegrade at this time. I have an MPB and 2.66 Dual Core Xeon, both of which are more computer than I actually need.

IMO, the Air would be a nice addition for someone who either needs something very thin or for occasional use (I used a 12" iBook and then a PowerBook for nearly 2 years and it was really too small for me).

I also have a RAID installed in my MBP, which means no room for an optical drive. I have mine installed in a slim, external FW case and, though I rarely use the optical drive, making sure it’s with me has been a PIA at times.

I look forward to the Air’s design propagating to the MBPs later in the year.

Double post.

Without an optical drive it’s a non-starter for me. One of my biggest uses for a laptop is watching movies on airplanes.


It’s a lovely looking design.

You can get an external superdrive for $99 and a usb to ethernet adapter for $30.

I am positive the broad rim around the screen is for structural strength–but I find myself thinking even that won’t be enough to prevent torsion stress.

And 3 pounds? . . . I might even start carrying a laptop around regularly at that weight.


I have–or thought I have–no interest in ultra-light laptops and even I have techno-lust! I know it’s going to be stunning in person. No one does small and elegant and tactile like Apple.

To me, it seems like a perfect thinking machine. It seems ideal for Scrivener, for all things web-related and for email and for all the WORK that doesn’t involve huge image libraries or huge processor or RAM demands. And remember, Steve says it’s their best keyboard ever!

Keith, I think it’d be ideal for you.

The absence of an optical drive wouldn’t bother me in the least since I rarely have a disk in my laptop as it is. Movies and TV shows I view on my iPod/iPod Nano, so no disks necessary.

But, if an optical drive were important, I wouldn’t hesitate to invest another $99 for the Apple-branded external option.

As for its life-expectancy, my experience (laptop number 4 here) is that yes, you get the 3 year AppleCare, and yes, something may well go wrong in that three years, but four years isn’t unreasonable. (My 667 TiBook is still going strong, and it was new back in 2002, though don’t try to sync a 160 GB iPod with its USB 1.0 ports!)

I think these will fly off the shelves. I’d want one if I didn’t have to carry around libraries of images and if my uni hadn’t kindly just bought me a beautiful MacBook Pro.


I was really looking forward to seeing this come out, but am largely dissapointed by the price.

The Australian online store is quoting A$ 2,499.00 (which, by the way, is significantly more than the US, based on current exchange rates).

I don’t mind the missing optical drive in an ultra-portable. I actually wish they stripped it more… slower CPU, less memory, give it a smaller disk, make it a 12-inch screen, and make it 2/3 the price.

I am going to buy a second laptop. But I would be very hard-pressed to justify spending the extra $900 over a standard MacBook. Or even the A$2000 over and above one of those tiny Linux based things I saw in the shop (I think they are Eees or something?)

And an extra A$1409 for the solid state drive - are they kidding!?!


… and $129 for Apple to replace the battery

The next time I’m in the market for a laptop, if Apple is still making them I will get it then. I just bought a MacBook around six months ago. So in a few years I’ll probably be looking, but right now, as somebody else said—it isn’t worth a side-grade. If it was 3/4 the size and $500USD, then it would be an entirely different argument!

What has me all up in a tizzy is charging $20 for a few widgets that should have been included already! Guess who will be jail-breaking their Touch this evening. :imp:

Yeah, £1,200 is pretty steep (and - God do I hate how we always get screwed on the fracking exchange rates - it is significantly more than the US price; approximately $2,400!) That’s £300 too much for me to bother with this (ironically, had they been fair with the exchange rate - charging £900 which would roughly equate to the US price - I might have considered it more seriously).

I will be buying a laptop this month. Had been contemplating both MacBook and MacBook Pro, and now this. But for my specific needs, I think the MBP will be the way to go.

But this design and size… hmmmm.

As others have noted, no memory upgrade, Apple replaces battery, extra for any connectivity,…

No, MacBook Air for me, but a MBP or MB in my (very near) future.

Yes, it’s very nice, and I also find myself wanting one, although I already have a MBP, and I really have more use for a screen I could connect it to… But if you think the other prices quoted here are bad, I just found out that it starts at 14,290 kroner here in Norway. And according to my currency widget, that’s almost 1400 British pounds, or a bit over 2700 US dollars.

I’m loving it and am seriously considering buying one. I have been considering getting an Intel Mac laptop for a while, but this just makes the decision harder!

It would have been nice if the screen was smaller, but SJ seemed to be quite enamored of the “full-sized” screen so I’m guessing that a smaller one isn’t in the works.

Don’t know if I can hold off until 2nd gen - my b’day is next month :smiley: - and I have to admit that I’ve been loving my 1st gen iPhone (bought when it came out).

I don’t need the optical drive, especially with the Remote Disc software and iTunes. Since I see it as a writing machine, all the other goodies I have scattered around wouldn’t really need to be attached all the time. (I have two Airport Expresses with printers attached already.)

I also really wanted the SSD, but YIKES $3100! I haven’t paid that much for a computer since 1982. :open_mouth:

Edited to add: One thing I am concerned about is the “precious” factor. I was determined not to do that with my iPhone (and haven’t), but with a whole computer that is as cool as the MBAir? That’s a real concern for me. :confused:

No need for optical with a USB port.

I use an ICY Dock external enclosure over USB for my MBP now (support firewire, but USB cables are easier to find). For < $US100 I get 300GB of backup space.

I never actually watch a DVD in the drive. I rip an owned DVD (rentals never get near the MBP) using Handbrake and keep the MP4 on the local drive.

My MBP is 9 months old, and will become my “work horse” if I can get $2K away from the wife.

She will kill me…

Oh my golly goodness!

As a fan of small laptops, this one is triggering serious laptop lust!

It’s great to know these things are coming down the pike. I’ve been very happy with my used PowerBook… so maybe, in a couple of years…

That just puts the cherry on top.

Rip the movie to a disk image and watch that way (it’s better on battery life than a DVD drive anyways).

There are certainly many reasons not to get one, but this shouldn’t be one of them.


I’ll go with the Eee PC and a new iBook battery. For the moment.

Rev 2 or 3 of the Air will be interesting …

I’ve got better things to do with my life than rip movies that I’m only likely to watch once. And better things to do with the money than buy a machine whose limitations cost time rather than saving it.