Third footnote mode for export.

In addition to “Footnotes,” and “Endnotes,” how about something to the effect of “Text,” or “Flattened.” This would allow users without access to a word processor to get their footnotes out, and retain formatting. Currently the only way to read footnotes without Mellel or something, is to export as plain text.

If you aren’t using an RTF word processor such as Word, Mellel or Nisus, then the recommended export format would be RTFD, which does exactly what you are requesting. Given that all Mac rich text programs support RTFD, I don’t see any need to have this as an option for RTF export, as RTF export is really about getting everything as much as possible into a proper RTF format…

All right. I guess if one needed to go to a word processor-less Windows computer, an RTFD could be changed into an RTF before transfer with TextEdit.

Exactly. I doubt there will be many users who move their text to a Windows computer without a word processor anyway. :slight_smile: Moreover, text applications in Windows have no excuses not to implement footnotes. The Windows rich text system is much stronger than OS X’s, and allows for the easy implementation of footnotes in text views.

Good to know. I actually know nothing about Windows, but I know I have seen a few cross-platform users around. Now about Linux… ha.