Third Way

How to type.

You know, I actually thought of you when I first saw it.

Just another nanoscule fibre, of a thread in the tapestry of life’s complex design.

LOL. A hotter debate than CMOS vs MLA vs APA…

It reminds me of people
composing their emails
in strange applications
on mobile devices,
so that all their prosaic words
are transformed into magical



just another fibre…? :confused: … -clickbait

Double spacing after a period was obsolete when the non mono space font was invented. They took into account the double space when making the space (unless you use a mono-space font). It drives professional typesetters ape shit when importing text. Also you are putting 4 spaces after each period. It makes the person typing look like this.

HHeeyy llooookk hheerree!! II iiss ssmmaarrtt!!

Kinda like drooling in public.

No double carriage return for long text (books or writings) this is to save space which could cost materials which cost time which cost money which drive prices up which puts less money in the pockets of the publishing company which means less for the writer which means less writing which means more time the youth will waste on facebook. It could cause the end of the world.

So from a professional typesetters point of view the rule tumb is

If you are using a computer to write and using a font that is not MONOSPACED then ONE space after a period.

If you are using a computer to write, using a non-mono spaced font and the writing is going to be published. NO Double Carriage return after a paragraph.

Now if you are using a computer or typwriter with a MONO SPACED font then double space after a period. (Type writers came out with non mono spaced font wheels at the late ages of their main stream usage getting rid of the extra space to speed up words per minute.)

Now the strange question.

DO you type with 8 fingers or all 10? :slight_smile:

Sensible typesetting programs will ignore more than one consecutive space anyway for this very reason. One interesting thing in regards to writing in Markdown, Textile, LaTeX or anything that requires an empty line in between paragraphs (where excess empty lines are also sensibly removed when publishing) is that you actually can terminate each sentence with a single carriage return, rather than a space. The typesetting engine will convert these into a single paragraph with sentences separated by the amount of space the that is optimal for that font for best legibility. So in fact the Third Way can be a feasible way to write, and in some cases it could be argued as quite useful to have each sentence on its own line, specifically on a Mac, where the basic text engine was never coded with an easy way to select by sentence.

So yes, I feel I could be an advocate for the Third Way. :mrgreen:

I knew there’d be a reason… :unamused:

How do you fit 4 or 5 people around the keyboard? :open_mouth:

Or is it two or three-ish birds. I’m trying to figure this one out as well. It also depends on whether the bird(s?) are all capable of typing with the rear digit, or only have the front three to work with and use the rear-ward digit to hang on to the edge of the desk.

We are supposed to use our FINGERS for typing?

Because of inherent laziness, I do actually use my nose to operate my old iPhone on occasion. Never tried it with a regular keyboard, though…

I Type with eight claws, but use my dew claws for ctrl/tab/capitals (left paw), ctrl/enter, return/backspace (right paw).

since we be birds we are just a bunch of peckers

Five peckers to one keyboard? That’s a tad too close for comfort, even for the adult film industry. :open_mouth:

There 's always someone ready to lend support to the baser standards. Usually no surprise who!


And there’s always somebody there to encourage them, too! :laughing: :laughing: