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Though Scrivener has a bit of a learning curve, I’m beginning to like it very much. But as a translator, I often work with the source, my translation-in-progress, and something else (‘research’ material, a growing list of questions for the author, a ‘to do’ list), so I need three windows. Now I put the source text in a QuickRef window, but that takes a bit of clicking and scrolling at the start of my working day. You need to put a document in one of the two editor windows before you can conjure up a QuickRef window, and Scrivener doesn’t remember your position in a ‘QuickRef document’ when you quit.
You can right-click on an item in the binder and open it in a different application, but you cannot choose to open it as a QuickRef window; it would be nice if you could. And it would be even beter if that window openend where you were the last time you closed it.


Hi Bart,

Actually you can just hit space when a document is selected in the binder to open a QR window, so you don’t need to open the contextual menu at all. You may also be pleased to see this preference, which has been added to 2.1 (which will be available in the next fortnight or so):

Ticking that will open any QR windows exactly as they were left when reopening the project. And there’s also an option in 2.1 to have QR windows look more like traditional windows rather than use the black HUD style.

All the best,

Thanks Keith,

The new option in 2.1 seems to be just what I wanted.
Looking forward to the update!

All the best