This entire forum should be an iOS app!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if this forum were an app? Would make the whole experience a little cleaner when using iOS devices? Kinda like what Apple did with their Apple Store. Just a thought. Don’t mean to give you a headache Keith. But, being the rabble rouser that I am, I just can’t help shoot my thoughts when they come.

:unamused: It’s called Safari for iOS.


P.S. But really, don’t we want the Scrivener forum built right into iOS Scrivener? I want one-click procrastination!

I can’t think of a bigger waste of scarce development time.


Yeah I’d officially get no work done if that ever happened.

I guess my gripe comes from the fact that this forum site still isn’t as iOS friendly as I’d like. When I put for instance this little iPod in landscape mode, the writing area where I respond to whatever the topic is about gets cut off on the sides leaving me to have to shift back and forth horizontally with my finger. Not sure why that happens, but it does.

I’d also like to able to navigate the site by keyboard, without ever having to lift my lazy arse finger to tap anything on the screen cause, well, I’m lazy.

It goes without saying that the main website should eventually be iOS friendly. My hope is that Keith gets to that soon.

Alright, enough of this time wasting…gonna go watch the olympics!

OMG, you were serious. :open_mouth: You do realize that this forum is not coded by Lit & Lat? It is an implementation of a very widely used bulletin board system (phpBB). Cf. very lower left corner of this webpage.


Let’s call it being quasi-serious. I know it’s a pipe dream and total waste of time considering all the other things Keith needs a doing but I spend a lot of time on the forum and sometimes I get bugged by how it’s not 100% iOS friendly. So what to do but speak my mind ya?

Didn’t L&L say the forum upgrades are a stop-gap while they’re evaluating what the next version is going to be/look like?

Pretty sure they did.

Well here’s another brilliant idea…

They should make an app of an app!

And then another app of that said app.

Till the end of time…

Oh! Me, me! I wanna be an app!

Is that what they’d call an apptitude? :confused:

I applaud your appetite for apposite appellation. But I seek appsolution, friend! What I lack in apptitude, I make up for in approbation.

– gr (has in-app purchases)

App me up Scotty!

This is appsolutely appalling!

Now, now, no need to be app-oplectic appholes guys; this was once a very serious, enlightening, appounding subject, that now only requires the presence of the great and illustrious Vic-k to app things up.

Ima fix your typo.