This is not really so much of a bug as spelling error[FIXED]

When you go under the help menu and start the tutorial, a box comes up that explains some stuff about the tutorial and at the bottom it says something to the effect of “Hit “Continue” to choose where to save the tutorial file”. This is all fine and dandy, except for the fact that the “i” in “continue” is missing. I know this is probably not a priority to fix, but I wanted to make note of it just in case it never gets reported.

ok, after deleting my tutorial file so i could reopen the box and find out what it says, here’s the sentence exactly as it appears in the box:
“Click on “Contnue…” to specify a location for the tutorial project.”
it is the second to last sentence in the box

Ha. Thnks! :slight_smile:

i found another one: in the tutorial, under the section about the binder in step 1 there it a sentence that reads: “This is very much the raison d’être of Scrivener - to assemble the text of your manuscript in the Draft folder so that it can be compiled when compile.”
i do believe it is meant to say that it can be compiled when complete

Alright, since I don’t want to start another thread over simple spelling errors I thought I would add mine here.

Under Options > Appearance > Color Settings > Revisions it says Forth Revision (instead of Fourth)

Like nappytime27 says it’s not a priority but I thought I should let someone know anyway, all other bugs I’ve found have already been reported extensively.

I found a text error.

In Step 1: The Basics under the Binder heading:

You don’t have to put all research files into the Research folder, though - you can create other folders at the same level as the default three.

You’ve got an extraneous hyphen in there.

Found another text error in Step 6: End of Part One, first paragraph:

you want to see the text of the folder document (folders are really just special types of text document, and contain have text just as regular text documents can).

I think you want either “and can have text” or “and contain text” instead of “and contain have text” in that sentence.