This lovely software make me write more

Which is what it’s all about isn’t it? (At least short of helping me write better.)

I write a lot about different topics- scrivener allows me to manage it and to do some at a time which works for me. These are huge achievements that I didn’t have a solution for before.

Currently I used the heirarchy on the left side. I expect that the deeper I get into editing that I will use more features such as keywords, note cards, etc. For now, the expandable heirarchy and fast search allow me to be organized with very little time spent.

Put the note where I think it should go. (15 seconds)
Write (hours)

Lookup by search (10 seconds) or
by navigation (a little longer)
Edit (hours)

Organizing (done rarely):
Move stuff around or modify trees (an hour or less).

That’s it. Those are things I do. 99% of my time is spent writing and even with 160,000 words it still feels organized. Some of this is do to search but I have done the one-huge-file approach and this is better. With the one-huge-file it gets to feel like a beast that you don’t want to get near.

Many thanks for your feedback - it’s great to hear how Scrivener works for you, and that it helps you write more.
All the best,