This one's weird...

Along the vein of odd formatting, here another weird one. I can recreate it consistently on my own file and I believe it is generalizable.

So, if you have a paragraph that ends with italics and a following paragraph without italics, if you delete the space between the two paragraphs and then hit enter (re-adds the space) and then add a new scene, delete that scene, and empty the trash bin all before re-clicking on the scene you just removed/re-entered the carriage return on, when you go back to viewing the original scene, the second paragraph will be entirely in italics.

Okay, that is weird. :slight_smile: It sounds like the viral formatting bug, where that kind of thing happens with underlines and highlights, and I suspect this and similar reports are all related. I’m not able to reproduce this one though with the steps you’ve listed above. Any other specifics? What font are you using and what line spacing? Does this happen in a new project in a document created in Scrivener (not imported or with copied text)?