this software bears testament that code can change lives!

to make a very long and complicated history short, i was born permanently disabled; as a result i can only move one limb underr my own power - my left arm and hand - which is why ikm forced to type with four fingers on that same hand (a 2 minute video clip from recent media exposure for one ofg my blogging projects can be watched via this link – which coincidentally demonstrates my perfected four finger typing technique using the standard qwerty layout).

as you may already imagine, the unavoidable ramifications of only being able to manipulate one limb autromatically disqualifies me from basically every meaningful job currently available - regardless of my extensive computing expertise and love for technology and the internet in general. factor in the variable of all the medication i have to take on a daily basis to keep from shaking uncontrollably (all my nerves are either damaghed or completely destroyed due to the fact that i was born eight weeks premature addicted to crack cocaine and heroin – which dfirectly necessitates large quantities of narcotics and muscle relaaxants) and you end up with a recipe that almost entirely disqualifies me from any job that would pay a decent salary because i lack the physical stamina and the means to even travel to an office every day…

…which is precisely why my freelance creative writing and professional blogging aspirations are so critically vital to the perpetuation of a viable future… the insurrmountable odds against my success dictate that my only hope is to accomplish something through the power of the written word and my natural talent for web design and internet based creative asset distribution. my goals are to establish myself as a member of the professional blogging community, the freelance novelist community, and the motivational writer/speaker community respectively.

Up to the last few days however, my productivity rating has never been anything close to impressive, and in an effort to change my circumstances a bit i acted on a rash decision and made the switch to the mac platform. looking back on it now, im quite positive –

– it was the best decision i’ve ever made. not because of mac hardware or OS-X – but because of the power hidden beneath the surface of two of the most powerful creative development software solutions ever created – omnipage omnioutline pro and Scrivener, and three of the best blogware applications available… textmate, ecto blog manager, and marsedit.

I’ve had the blogging software mentioned above for as long as i’ve had my macbookpro - but Scrivener and Omnioutliner Pro were only in my applications folder for 24 hours before i paid for the full copies of both without a second thought or hint of hesitation. Previously my novel chapter output was barely 30 pages a month, and last night thanks to a carefully plotted outline and the underlying power of Scrivener i charged through 45 pages of manuscript without breaking a sweat. Each application has its own strengths, but putting Scrivener and Omnioutliner together on the same machine is like pairing nitro and glycerin in the same container. The reaction is never anything less than incredibly energetic.

In the end, the bottom line is inescapable. With one arm, one hand, four fingers and a macbookpro the odds are almost incalculably stacked against me - but I believe and Know with every fiber of my being, spirit, heart, and warrioe soul that impossibility is only made ao with prior consent – that odds only vanquish those willing to concede defeat

…and I’m not one of them!

Thanks to Scrivener I’m no longer bound – but for the super experienced mac geeks scattered throughout the community of Scrivener users, Iwould appreciate any and all help that can be found - I need to secure a copy of the adobe creative suite for publishing - version 3 which comes out the 27th… those of you with information on possible avenues to secure said software would be welcome - the only revenue stream i have as of this moment is the $560 im sent by uncle sam every 30 days. given the restrictions, im open to any and all suggestions, and as always guidance and encouragement of every flavor is certainly welcome along the way.

I am living breathing proof that some software truly does have the capacity to improve someones true quality of life, and Scrivener definately fits the bill. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for enabling someone facing insurmountable odds to accomplish the previously near impossible. When I’ve accomplishged something great with it, rest assured credit will be given where its due without hesitation.

most sincerely

Wow. Now that’s praise. Thank you. :slight_smile: And with four fingers you put my ten to shame, given that your output is considerably more than mine. :blush: Anyway, welcome to the forums!
All the best,

Keith -
If I’d realized you were the sole developer of Scrivener previously i would have addressed you directly; my apologies for being uninformed. The only reason I can write more manuscript than most is because im a very intense driven individual. Spend long enough at the bottom of the food chain and one of two thingas happens - either you die at the bottom shortly after giving up, or you spend every breath and ounce of strength you have in the pursuit of rising and never turning back. 98% of the people in America with permanent disabilities comperable or worse than mine either live their entire lives on welfare or are saved by family fortunes - i have no family fortune to speak of, and I’m sure as hell not spending the rest of my life on government welfare. Im going to lkand on the new york times best sellers list multiple times, win my pulitzer and win my nobel prize for literature, and Scrivener is the application thats going to get me there… just do me afavor - look into my request for a square cursor – that would be greatly appreciated.

Your post led me to Omnioutliner, which looks like my late, lamented, Flow for the Amiga, only duded up.

Mac Rules!

Tools are all important, but it sounds like you have the most versatile of all, in your head.

So many fail because of a lack of good “brain software.” At least there isn’t that stumbling block.

My best to you in your endeavors.

I have asked Jesse Grosjean, creator of Mori and WriteRoom, how he does it in WriteRoom. We’ve shared a bit of code here and there and he has always been very helpful, so although I can make no promises, I am looking into it. :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best,

The square cursor would be an interesting option.

I like the way Jesse has implemented it in WriteRoom. If you do look into it,
Keith, I’d ask though that you make it optionable, rather than default. My
experience using it in WR is that it’s awkward to switch back and forth
between square cursor and I-bar cursor apps. So in the end, I’ve decided
to stick with the I-bar.

My sixteen cents,


Ditto on it being optional. I really don’t care for the square cursor at all. Thanks.

I for one use the square cursor in WriteRoom and really like it - it is far less distracting than a blinking cursor.

Oh, yes, I would like a non blinking square cursor as an option too!