(*This topic has been resolved*) New Scrivener 3 Prices/Discounts of Old and New Users

This topic has been resolved

Your post contains the words ‘scum’ and ‘trashiest’ and ‘jerkoff’. It is the post of a hothead. The fact that you don’t know this is alarming, considering you’re a writer.

The pricing is so straightforward, not sure how you could misunderstand it.


It’s $45 for the current Windows version 1. Folks who buy now, will get v3 for free when it’s released. Would you expect them to pay $25 on top of the $45 they just paid?

Older users (like you & me) who have been using v1 for years, will get v3 for $25 upgrade. Would you expect us to receive this major overhaul for free?

It’s that simple. It seems fair to me. Sorry that doesn’t seem fair to you.


You and I haven’t been supporting L&L all these years. We paid $40, one time, however many years ago.

If you were sending them a check for $40 annually, and new users only had to pay $45 once, then you have a point. Otherwise, you’re just full of it.

This topic has been resolved

It looks like no one agrees with your statement. The price IS fair. You don’t like it? You can always pay more for other software.

It’s the same deal we got on the Mac side. Yes, I got years of value from my initial $45 USD. NO, I don’t mind paying $25 USD for a major upgrade. L&L have had the same upgrade policy for years, and I’ve always known about it.

No outrage here.

So, if I understand you correctly, your pissed because you think that new users should have to pay $45 now and an additional $25 when version 3 is released?

Whenever you buy something, do you only do it to support the manufacturer, not because you want the product and plan to use it? Strange…

  1. You bought the program as it was then and have received minor upgrades for free along the way. You obviously liked it well enough then, for the price point. You may be looking forward to some of the new features, but you have already gotten value out of the version you bought.

  2. New users, seeing that a major paid upgrade is pending, may not be willing to spend $40 to buy Scrivener 1.x now when they know they have an upgrade coming soon – just as they’re starting to get used to the program, now they have a major upgrade. They have not gotten their value out of the software yet, and as a result, that will most likely artificially inhibit sales.

  3. This is not an uncommon practice – that you get a free upgrade to the next version if you buy within a specific time window of the release date of the next version. It’s actually a very common sales tactic. The difference here is that many companies don’t advertise it because they want as many people to pay top $$ as they can get to. L&L are just being open and transparent.

  4. Look around the forums. Your post is one of a handful who thinks this isn’t cool. Contrast that to the dozens, if not by now hundreds, of posts from people who decided to buy Scrivener now knowing they aren’t going to get stuck with an upgrade fee.

It’s up to L&L how they want to handle licensing. They’re being very transparent and above-board. Frankly, I think anyone who complains about a $25 upgrade fee after four years with a great $40 program that lets you license on multiple family computers and get free minor updates isn’t thinking things through clearly on all points of view, but to each their own.

This topic has been resolved

I quite happily paid whatever it was (I don’t remember, and I’m not going diving for the receipt) for Scrivener Win v1.x years ago. Free updates came along every so often. I’m using Win10 v1.9.8 at present. I say quite happily, because that investment in my writing has paid off time after time. I now have my own story outline templates for both short stories and novels, enabling my output to increase substantially.

I’m also using the FREE Win10 64bit v2.9.0.6. (Call me a multi-tasker if you wish, but I don’t use them at the same time. (And, backups. Many backups.)

I don’t consider paying an absolutely outrageous sum (what, 45 bucks?) for software that I am completely familiar with and will continue to use until someone removes a keyboard from my cold, dead hands. I could pay monthly for Word. Or monthly for another writing product. I don’t.

I paid 45 bucks. Years ago. Did I say that already? Well, excuse me. Furthermore, the software has earned out many, many times since that initial payout. ROI, you say? My writing is a business. I invest in my business. Go figure.

tldr; I’ll pay the going rate for software that does what it promises to do. Scrivener by L&L delivers. That alone is outrageous these days. It’s also outrageous that it costs only 45 bucks. So maybe I’m pissed, too, at that atrocious, shocking, terrible, offensive, appalling, cruel, savage, horrible, beastly, horrifying, ruthless, infamous, disgraceful, scandalous, wicked, unspeakable, inhuman, diabolical, heinous, flagrant, egregious, abominable, infernal, fiendish, nefarious, execrable, godawful low price*.

  • With sincere apologies for using an online thesaurus.


You came into a community that supports a person and his creations. You came in complaining and emotional (in your terms, ‘butt hurt’ – such a childish way to dismiss other people’s in-kind reactions to your post), attacking the quite fair and transparent business practices of people who we who frequent these forums genuinely like.

No one is obligated to respond to your diatribe with a calm, detailed outline of why you should maybe reconsider your position. It’s on you to start reasonable if you want that kind of response. Practice a little humility, and maybe you’ll deserve the respect that you think you’re owed in spite of your lack of civility.

Or, to resurrect a succinct term from my youth: Vibes in, Vibes out.

Changing opinion is adult behavior, and taking responsibility for ones actions (or writing) and apologizing if one later thinks some previous actions were bad is also adult behavior. Deleting previous posts is a bit childish.

Being the recipient of pile-ons or late hits after the fact is not a fun experience, and too many people here who should know better (me included) fire off a response without reading to the end of the thread. In this case, I don’t blame the OP for editing away a post that was only going to provoke more late hits.