This Webinar ate my Scrivener

Hi there

I just logged onto this webinar “How To Use Scrivener To Effortlessly Write, Organize, & Export Your Book Into Various Formats For Printing, Editing, Publishing.
Here is your join link … /959299213. It will be held on 11/19/2015.”

I then tried to open Scrivener to follow along, a link said it was ‘verifying Scrivener’ and then I got this error message ““” is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete “” and download it again from the App Store.”

All my writing is on my Scrivener. Please advise whether it can be found and why I got this message when I was logged onto the webinar.

Thank you, JuneWS

I doubt it had anything to do with the lesson, this is a well-known Apple server glitch that invalidated countless many programs and remotely shut off your ability to run it. The software is probably fine, you just have some certificates on our computer that need to be updated. A simple reboot should fix it, if not, try reinstalling Scrivener by deleting the software from the Applications folder, and then using the Mac App Store to reinstall it.

Log out and back in the App Store and the problem will be resolved. This problem was caused by an Apple certificate problem that affected a lot of apps. Rebooting did not always fix the problem but logging out and back in the App Store does. Below is a link that gives some details. … plains-fix