Thorns and yoghs how to use them?

Hello all I had a question about using the U+ code points for unicodes. I guess just how does one use them? I am currently working on a paper concerning medieval heresy in England would love to be able to quote with the characters from original documents. I’ve downloaded a font developed by a professor at Virginia named Peter Baker called Junicode

Does anyone know how to utilize these codes to create the sorts of characters I am after? Thanks you.

Probably the best thing to do would be to set up an auto-replace for these in the “Text” pane of the “Language & Text” System Preferences. You could use Edit > Special Characters… to find yogh and thorn and paste them into the “with” field, and set the “replace” field to something like “tthh” for thorn and “yy” for yogh (and don’t forget eth!).

(I used Corel to create my own yogh character when I was taking medieval studies because it wasn’t in a single font on my machine at the time - that was ten years or so ago, though.)

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Wonderful. I did as you suggested (for all three actually). That was easier than I expected. It is too bad you have to hit the space bar and backspace every time but I’ll make do. Thanks for the tip.

Another option is to create your own keyboard using Ukelele.
It’s actually quite easy to set up and save your own keyboard in the Apple Keyboard Utility, and then you will have access to those characters with your own selected keystrokes.

Or use something like TextExpander - I forgot that you have to hit space after the System Preference ones; you don’t need to do that with TextExpander. It costs money, but it’s more than worth it - I use it for auto-filling all sorts of things I need to type regularly.

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I’ve heard of TextExpander before. Is it a pain to setup? I downloaded Ukelele but I don’t know if, at least right now, I want to spend the time to set it up. I only briefly looked at it but I think I’ll wait until all my applications are in before I do that.

Thanks all.

No, TextExpander is really, really easy. It resides in the menu bar, and you just call it up, add a snippet, type the text it should enter and choose some characters that will get auto-replaced with that text, and then it just works in all your apps.