Those were the days... Eh?

I used to go out with a girl who was good at this (before I met the wife, obviously :blush:)

Good at the art or the back bend? Hmmm?

Now we know where Vic got his interest in “gymnasticated fornication” from!


Mr X

vic-k dated a giraffe? :open_mouth:


Careful now! :open_mouth: Jaysen could be reading this :blush:

Now that the universe is back in it’s cable I am!

Does “Battle Axe” know about this?

All moved and got the internets hooked up? Just in time for hurricane season!

Eh… not really. Still wiring the house for 'net and content distribution. But they do have much higher speed access here in East-Be-Jesus-No-Where SC. Hard to explain, but dang… fast…

Arthor missed us by 100mi. We are closer to Savannah GA (I can actually see Hilton Head from the shore) than man land South Carolina. Had a few storms but nothing that is worth worrying about.

Yeah, Arthur was pretty much a non-issue for us, too. Then again any storm would have to make a u-turn around Cape Cod. (Not that one that made landfall there wouldn’t be a mess for us, too. We’re a good 30-40 feet up on a hill, so flooding isn’t directly an issue.)

4ft above mean high. But 500ft inland. More protected by the physics of how land masses and trees interact with storm systems though. Our section of the sound is the start of the “protected anchorage” for small to medium boats during storms per the official announcements.

But back to vic-k’s giraffe…

I know I’m getting older since it took me a bit to realize what that picture was really showing. Apparently I need those mind fixing herbs at this point in my life.

used to go out with a Tarantula , too … n-pictures

looks like that one needs your other girlfriend…

Next time give some bl@#dy warning before posting a human-spider! <>
Now the nightmares will return…