Thoughts about third party tooling?

First, a little background:

I’m a game developer using Scrivener 3 to write/manage the screenplay and most of our textual content in general. Over the past few months I’ve spent some significant time developing a C# package to parse, interpret, and process project and settings files, as well as .rtf documents.

We’re approaching a sort of MVP for our needs, and while I’ll likely be tied up for a while developing other tooling and features, I can already see that we will probably never use any other tool for managing narrative, dialogue, etc. for our projects. Consequently, I’ve also given some thought to polishing it up after we finish our project and possibly releasing it as a tool for other game developers to use as well.

With all that said, my actual question is:

In general, does L&L have any official or unofficial positions or feelings about these sorts of tools being released? My first inclination was to try releasing it on the Unity Asset Store, but I’ve also considered just making it an open-source tool.

Otherwise, I’m curious if there is any subset of the Scrivener community already centered on game development and maybe more generally if there’s any interest in this sort of thing. I also have a whole slew of technical questions (for instance, how often does the project format change?) if anyone knowledgeable about such things felt generous enough to humor me, but as a developer myself I respect that everyone is probably plenty busy enough already :sweat_smile:

Lastly, I just wanted to say out loud just how lovely a piece of software Scrivener 3 is. It has had a huge impact on our workflow and enabled us to do a ton of things we likely never would have been able to otherwise.

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Thank you for the kind words. We’re glad you’re finding Scrivener useful.

If you decide to release your tools, please share with your users that there is no formal connection between L&L and your company. Also, please emphasize that directly editing a Scrivener project using any tool other than Scrivener itself is not supported (by us) and is entirely at the user’s own risk.

For technical questions, you can contact the developer directly by opening a support ticket, here:

Certainly! Currently I’m not doing anything to write to any files in the Scrivener project, but I would be happy to contact the developer to ensure I’m not doing anything dangerous to user’s projects. Not corrupting files is definitely table stakes for anything I would want to put my name on :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll be sure to be very clear there is no connection/endorsement regarding the tool as well. I appreciate the feedback!

Yes, to confirm we fully support developers looking to integrate with the project format (in fact it looks like Aeon Timeline, which was one of the first to do so, just released a big update). The project format is designed to be easy to work with. Get in touch with us for details and specs.


I have been using Scrivener 2.5 for several years, and - like synnth - have long envisioned the potential for adapting my construction of the “knowledge database” as a game or advanced teaching tool. I would like to hear more from syynth, either in this forum or outside of it. (I’m located in Berlin - but, being new to this Forum - don’t want to breach L&L Community protocol…)
Thanks in advance.