Thoughts on Scratch Pad

Today I was frequently going back-and-forth between Scrivener and a web browser (an the limited screen estate of a laptop) in order to look up some reference data for the document I was trying to put together, and discovered the Scratch Pad feature.

While I like the feature in general, it felt like the window could be somewhat improved. I am not sure if others use it for the same purpose as I was using it today, but if yes - a semitransparent HUD type of floating window without the thick largely unused borders would seem to make this tool even more handy. I’m thinking something very similar to the current Keywords HUD, the only difference being a slight transparency when active, and added transparency when inactive.

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I’m going to overhaul the scratch pad for 2.0. Jesse Grosjean, the creator of TaskPaper, has kindly shared with me how he does his, which is exceedingly cool and which can be called up from any application using a hot key.
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Any chance the marvelously generous Jesse Grosjean might be willing to share the basic code in TaskPaper that formats what appears on screen based on what a user types at the start or end of a line?

I use TaskPaper 2.0 as my to do list organizer and I love it. It does everything I need and the simplicity is terrific. But it’d be great if Scrivener 2.0 could have a similar to do list stored inside each Scrivener project–perhaps in a folder at the top of the binder. Then we could cut and paste between the two.

I don’t really think such a thing belongs in Scrivener, as it’s not a task manager. It would be better to use TaskPaper in conjunction with Scrivener for that sort of thing.

I’m resurrecting this thread to see if there’s any possibility of reconsidering the idea of incorporating Taskpaper files since 1) Jesse has recently open-sourced the underlying framework (birch-outline) for Taskpaper and 2) x-scrivener links don’t work on iOS. I’ve built a whole revision workflow around Taskpaper documents with links within them to documents within scrivener projects, but these don’t work on iOS. If I could move those Taskpaper files into Scrivener, I could use Scrivener links instead.

And while in Wish List mode, it would be great if exporting to OPML (from which I currently import to TaskPaper) would give an option to include the x-scrivener:// links for each Binder item along with the titles.