Three bugs

It’s unclear what is meant by this, but you might be referring to the problem described in this thread?

in multiple document view again, when scrolling to the bottom of some long doc…

I think I would need a more precise sequence of steps to test with, in order to see this one happen. If you could give me an idea of how long of a section of text we’re talking about (in word or character count), as well as how large the overall session is, and then give me precise information on how you are doing these things. For example, what does “scrolling to the bottom” mean to you? Is this something you do with the mouse? Do you click and drag on the scrollbar? Are you using PgDown? With bugs like this, sometimes every detail matters. Stuff like editor zoom, font size—anything you can think of that would help describe the conditions.

I’m trying to ad some entries to the autocompletion list, but it appears that I cant put an unbreakable space in the desired field.

Thanks, I’ve confirmed that one and have filed it for them to take a look at.