Three by Five lives!

What a great programme. I was a long-time user of a programme called Three by Five (aka Corkboard) which ran on the old Mac OS. To discover the same kind of functionality built into a top-class writer’s programme is just brilliant.

One of the things that has frustrated me about OS X is that, when it comes to writing tools at least, a lot of the new software isn’t a patch on the stuff that we had years ago. (It drives me mad that Nisus Express, for example, is nowhere near as powerful as the old Nisus Classic.) So I’m delighted to find this, which not only gives me the corkboard functionality I lacked, but is far, far better than Corkboard ever was.

What’s great about this programme is that it’s focused on one task - writing - and it gives you what you need to deliver that task. As a professional writer, this programme is perfect for my needs. Full-screen mode is great, but what I’m really finding useful is the way that research is integrated into the same project binder. Brilliant. I’m really impressed.

Thank you very much for your positive feedback. :slight_smile: Corkboard / Three by Five is one of the programs I looked at when implementing the corkboard in Scrivener. Whilst Scrivener’s corkboard doesn’t do everything Corkboard did (which was brilliant at representing hierarchical information), I did try to ensure that it was well integrated with the rest of the writing tools within Scrivener - it’s great to hear that it is working for real-world writers.
Thanks again,