Three cheapies for Mac writers this week

I’ve been playing a bit with three small programmes on special offer in the Mac App store this week and finding uses for all of them, so I thought I’d just mention them here.

PopClick - (courtesy of a recommendation from Martin) - quick cut/paste, dictionary, search, and lots of extensions to send selections of text to other programmes: Evernote, Reminders, Taskpaper, nvAlt …

Yoink - foolproof drag and drop for the clumsy or for those whose mouse hand gets quickly tired (I am both and fat-fingered to boot so this has changed the way I work with Sente)

TypeIt4Me - Text expander and very flexible autocorrect - for less than £3 this week.


PopClick is useful, saves time and confusion trying to get different stuff into different places. Only drawbacks: it reads its own latest copy, which is not necessarily the latest one on the board, and the HUD can come on when you neither need not want it. Still, convenience outweighs nuisance.

ADD: Some, but not all, of what this can do is already available through services; it’s the “not all” part which makes it useful for me. YMMV