Three dots seach oddity

A bit niche this.

I was searching a draft for three periods that hadn’t converted to ellipsis, using regex ...

This finds all documents with the offending dot sequence, but it also lists in the results all documents that haven’t been given a name (they show the initial text instead); none of which contained the offending dot sequence.

Expected behaviour is not to list documents that don’t contain the regex ...

Aside: also happens with two dots ..

Documents that do not have a name use their placeholder text as effective handles, this can be useful in search particularly, but also in accelerating keyboard selection within lists, menus and such. I.e. just because it is printed in grey doesn’t mean that isn’t its title from the perspective of the UI—and if it is generated from a paragraph of text, chances are high it ends in “…”.

Try setting your search scope to “Text” only, instead of “All”. That should weed out these entries from the list. That works well for me, only including items with adapted titles if the items have non-typographic ellipses in the text.

As a workaround, can you just do a non-regex search on …? Due to past experiences getting bit by unexpected behaviors in various regex libraries I only do regex searches when I actually can’t do a simple text match. I confess I haven’t played with Scrivener’s regex search much yet, so I don’t know if it’s always on.