Three-Pane (Outline) layout does't work like macOS version

If I select a text in binder, the text is always shown in the left (Outline) pane.
To change text in right pane, I need to select the text in left (outline ) pane if there is outline.
When another outline is selected, right pane also should be changed at the same time,

What you are looking for is the Navigate > Binder Affects feature, I believe.

Thank you for letting me know the information.

Changing “BinderSelection Affect” improved the behavior of 3 pane layout.

However, behavior of window beta 12 is still different from behavior of version 3.1.1 on macOS.

When I select Three-Pane (Outline) layout on mac OS, “Both editors” and “Open Non-Group Items on Right” features are turned on as “Binder Selection Affect”. On Windows, “Left editor” is turned on.

It seems that “Open Non-Group Items on Right” is not implemented on windows version.
I suppose this makes the difference.

Yes, the “Open Non-Group Items on Right” has been added lately under Scrivener for Mac and is still not implemented under Scrivener for Windows.