Three questions

  1. I want to add a PDF article that’s quite lengthy to a Folder I created. Is that all right? Does it belong under “Resources” or can I put it anywhere?

  2. Why can’t I use my Browser while Scrivener Help is open?

  3. The Help section in Scrivener says: “I changed the font and paragraph settings in the Preferences panel but it had no effect - why? The font and paragraph settings of the “Text Editing” pane of the Preferences only affect the default settings for new documents. Documents in Scrivener are rich text and could use many different fonts, so changing the default font in the Preferences should not affect existing documents. To change the formatting of numerous existing documents, select them in the binder and use Convert > Formatting… from the Documents menu.”

I need to follow those directions but…what is the “Binder”?

  1. Holding the lengthy PDF will be fine. Research is the most appropriate place usually (it can go anywhere but inside the draft).

  2. Not sure, but i suspect you will find this is the case with a lot of help systems then.

  3. The binder is the list of files/folders etc. down the left hand side of the screen.

You may want to watch the introductory video on the website and go through the tutorial as well.


  1. My guess is you use Safari as your browser. The help system, if I understand it rightly — it’s provided by Apple, not KB … if it were it would be much more intelligent! — uses a cut down version of Safari, so perhaps the help system is hijacking Safari to the extent that it can’t open other pages. I use OmniWeb as my browser, so don’t know absolutely.



Watch the Tutorial? What an outrageous suggestion! Who put those words in your mouth! :smiley: I guess I need to do that again…

So the Binder just refers to everything we’ve put in Scrivener. OK

Browser…what’s KB?

I found out yesterday that my friend sees things I don’t on certain Web pages. I thought everybody saw the same things…much too simple an idea I guess.

Not “What’s KB?” … “Who’s KB?”!!! … You really do need to watch that Tutorial again … and wash your mouth out with soap! :wink:

KB is Keith Blount, the app developer supreme …

And somewhere down the line, you and/or your friend have your browser set to block advertisements, flash movies … content of that sort.


That soap was awful, just awful. But I learned my lesson. For now. :frowning:

KB is the creator? Wow! I humbly bow. What a program, I mean what a program! I don’t know what I ever did to deserve it.

Thanks for your help. I’m glad my browser is protecting me. You wouldn’t believe what I went through when I used those ‘other’ computers. I’ll never go back. I love Apple as much almost as Scrivener. :smiley:

Sorry, I posted the reply without looking at the name.

If I recognised it, I would have known you were a lost cause, and never suggested the tutorial in the first place! :mrgreen:

What do you mean, what’s KB? :slight_smile: The Apple Help window is pretty dreadful on Leopard - they chose to make it a floating panel, which just means that it stays above EVERYTHING, obscuring everything until you close it. By doing that they also ensured that the Find panel won’t work with it. Brilliant. (As the kids from the fantastic “The Inbetweeners” would say; I have found myself talking like them recently.) For 2.0 I’ll probably save myself a whole lot of hassle and make the Help file an indexed PDF document; that should be easier for localisers too.

As for the binder - if you look under the “Getting Started” section of the aforementioned Help file you will see it labelled. It’s Scrivener’s (my…) term for the blue source list on the left, as that acts much like the “ring binder” for your project.

All the best,