Three things you can cook in a WOCK

(1) Pigeon
(2) Three Legged Dog
(3) Jaysen


Popping in real quick to say Hello.
My day job is one were I work extensively with the Voting and the Voting process in America so as you can tell the past few months have seen me swamped with work. I just wanted to dispel the rumors that the pirate dog ate the pigeon. Yarrgggghhh

I wouldnt touch pigeon with Jaysens, never mind mine!! :open_mouth:

I saw you on deck flapping your paws wishing for the knowledge to fly…

Nawh!! That was just an outburst of pique n petulance. :blush: Nobody`s perfect

You are superbly qualified to speak to the imperfections of man/beast. It is a qualification of experience.

I know :frowning: